The social game changer

Social media is probably this centenary’s most influential person.  Its game changing knows no bounds. Almost every aspect of 21st century life has had to adapt to the online giants that controls both our actions and interactions.  And popular culture is no acceptation.

Popular culture is dependent on the relationship between it media producers and media consumers. It needs to be made (by the producers)  and received (by the consumers) in order for it to even be popular culture.Social media helps facilitate this relationship by being a space through which the producers can interact more closely with its consumers.  This interaction creates a more tailered media enviroment, what you want is what you see. More things can be made and thus more received.  Social media allows all this to happen all this in 3 ways promotion, interaction and release.

  1. Promotion

The entertainment industry is the heart of pop culture. Social media has become the platform to show off and maximize the industries potential.

Weeks before a new show starts, promo posters go up on Facebook, a trailer , a teaser trailer  and a first look trailer go up on YouTube, a hashtag is established, a Snapchat filter created and a Tumblr fandom established.  All before the show is even watched or streamed or torrented.

People are already talking about how excited they are for the new show, they know almost nothing about.

The pop culture capitalize on social media. Because social media, is usually free and social media sites so saturated with people around the world it is the most viable platform to generate hype and promotion. Maxim gain, minimum effort.

Ten years ago this was not the case. You would know a new show was beginning through the cover of your DSTV monthly magazine.

  1. Interaction

Not gonna lie, I am  in love with Chrissy Tegan. She is just so Insta ready, all the time and without all the effort. Her Instagram has led me and 6,6m others to believe that we’re besties.

Social media has provided a platform for celebrities to create these bonds with their fans. They show us the glamorous and mundane details of their everyday lives and we can’t get enough.

To quote T-Swift, “Social media is really a way of connecting with the fans.” Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Adele are just some of the music industry darlings who are active in replying to fan comments questions on social media.  By doing this not only do they create die hard fandom’s but they also promote themselves and the work they do.

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Fans feel valued, they support celebs more. Thanks social media.

  1. Release

This one is probably the biggest game changer.  Traditional media channels have been challenged by social media. You no longer need a network, lable or company to release things. You can do it by yourself  through social media.

J-Cole, Beyonce,  and Jay Z are just some of music indusdry darlings who have dropped their music online and through social media.


Social media is provides a space to bypass the traditional media middle man; producing distributing and sharing media is cheaper and easier though social media. Once again, max profit, min effort.

Social media has global share ability, thus it makes sense to share your content with the largest possible network available and that’s social media. More people see, more people promote, more people interact, more money for the celeb. See told you, game changer.


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