Black twitter.

In 140 characters or less, black twitter is a global social & cultural community within twitter dealing with issues & experiences of black society. #newpost #discuss

Black Twitter is important is part of popular culture .There is no denying it. It’s a platform that shows off everything popular culture has to offer, and then some.  But what is black twitter and why is it important?

Contrary to what some may think, black twitter is not its own separate twitter,, is not a thing.  It’s not just a hashtag or a hot word. It is a platform within twitter, that discusses issues of race, culture, practice and experience of the black community. This online space  that encourages open and critical discussion of issues often marginalized by white, society that is taken as the norm.

The term black Twitter first appeared in United States in 2010. The community as well as discussion  grew with the hash tags #blacklivesmatter, #ifidieinpolicecustody #ferguson  and #growingupblack to name a few.  Since then and through the glory of the internet, the discourse and discussions of and on black twitterverse have gone viral becoming global online phenomenon, particularly here in South Africa.

Like we spoke about last week, apartheid and race still very must dictate the narratives of popular culture and the internet, so it’s easy to see the welcomed space within the South Africa for this digital community. We even have our little section for South African black twitter on Wikipedia, and our own black twitter socialites like





and @NomalangaSA.

Follow. It’s worth it.

South Africa is identified as the second largest black twitterverse after the US, shout out   #rhodessowhite #pennysparrow #FeesMustFall #pots.

Black twitter as a platform is no doubt part of popular culture. Probably half the issues discussed on black twitter deal with Beyoncé, #Oscarssowhite, Khanyi Mbau and pots, that’s the last pots reference, I promise.

But aside from ‘Hollywood’ culture, sociopolitical commentary is very much a part of popular culture and is discussed in great detail. Black twitter is a space to critically engage with issues  over looked by society eurocenetric ideology. It is a place to tackle and challenge this ideology and present a more accurate account and perception  of the real world. It’s also a space to share experience, #growingupblack. It is a uniting movement and one that teaches and entertains. Can you ask for more?

But black Twitter has come under a lot of scrutiny from black users and white users, here some of their concerns.

  1. “Why must it be called black twitter? That’s racist.”- No.
  2. “Its racist because it excludes a whole population of people” – But so did racism and apartheid.
  3. “Cant it just be twitter?”- Ideally yes but as society we are not color blind or should we strive to be. There is black culture and there is white culture. Yes there is white culture. To deny these cultures would be denying the existence and devaluing a group of people and their lived experiences.

So in another 140 characters or less; Why is black twitter important? Coz it’s an accessible global community challenging normativity, making the world a more colorful place.#woke.”


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