Black twitter.

In 140 characters or less, black twitter is a global social & cultural community within twitter dealing with issues & experiences of black society. #newpost #discuss

Black Twitter is important is part of popular culture .There is no denying it. It’s a platform that shows off everything popular culture has to offer, and then some.  But what is black twitter and why is it important?

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South Africa, what’s good?

Where are the pots?

Yes, I went there.

If you live in gorgeous South Africa and part of the 61.1% of the population that has internet access, you’ve probably seen this video and all the memes, status, tweets, snaps and Instagram posts about it that have taken over your social media feed.

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But how do we know?

I have never watched a Star Wars movie before. I have never read a Star Wars comic, or played a Star Wars game. But I know who Luke’s father is, I think Hans Solo and Chewbacca have the sweetest bromance and I sometimes even wear my hair in Princess Leia buns.

So how do I know all of this without my own personal awakening of the force? It’s through popular culture and propagated by the glory that is Information Communication Technologies otherwise known as ICT.

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